It's been a good week for

Amateur dramatics. A group of drama students are to perform in a musical about the Derek Bentley case, Let Him Have Justice. Bentley was hanged at the age of 19 for the murder of PC Sydney Miles, after allegedly shouting "Let him have it" during a rooftop showdown, and was pardoned last year. While the show is unlikely to be as jolly as Cats or Oklahoma, it has already gained vivacious support from Derek Bentley's niece, Maria Bentley-Dingwall, who claims it is the most accurate version of events so far.

and a good month, a good year and probably a good rest of his life for Dawson Cornwell partner Martin Beard, 44, (pictured right) who claims he has no regrets about staying a virgin until marrying his wife Maureen, head of social care with international relief agency Oasis Trust, last October. Beard says his strong belief in marriage and a stable family life, and his Christian faith, helped him stay resolute in the face of temptation. The couple enjoyed a white wedding in a Baptist church in Herne Hill, South East London.