It's been a good week for…

The Community Legal Service. That's Life presenter and champion of the aggrieved public, Esther Rantzen, is to help promote the Community Legal Service. Expect troupes of singing dogs in wigs, gavel-shaped vegetables and endless vox pops in the law centres.

"Love law". Expert in thoroughness, Eversheds, leaves no stone unturned in its quest to please clients. The firm is currently drawing up "love contracts" – a practice common in the US – whereby if you have an affair in the office you have to sign a contract agreeing not to snog across the photocopier or otherwise embarrass your colleagues. More importantly, you must promise not to take your employer to court over sexual harassment should the affair go horribly wrong. Eversheds is investigating whether the contracts could be used in the UK.

Employment lawyers, who are likely to gain more work from government plans to speed up tribunal hearings on equal pay for men and women. Baroness Jay of Paddington, Minister for Women, says the Government wants more women to challenge employers over equal pay.