It's been a good week for…

Tony Williams (above), the new global chief at Arthur Andersen Legal. The parent company has changed its dress code to allow staff to wear "smart casual" instead of the traditional suit and tie. The professional services giant is keen to fit in with new trendy clients in e-commerce and media.

dot.coms. The European Commission has agreed to push through all remaining e-commerce laws by the end of the year to help the European internet economy catch up with the US. It looks as though IP lawyers will see new work too if EU plans for a new top level internet domain go through. The EU plans to set up a .eu domain name to enable European businesses to have a European feel.

Accused rapists in Scotland, who may be able to carry on cross-examining their accusers in court despite Government plans to stop them. Ministers in Scotland have been advised that the cross-examination proposals could breach European law. The Government intends to prevent such plans in England and Wales.