It's been a good week for…

Married men, after a female lawyer received a lot of coverage in the Daily Mail for her views. "Britain's leading female divorce lawyer" Vanessa Lloyd Platt (above) offered Mail readers her views on divorce and a set of tips for a happy marriage. Under the headline "Divorce: Why we women are to blame", Lloyd Platt suggests women should not give men "unsolicited advice", allow men to have their space, not be over-critical and not immediately retaliate if they say something stupid. Lloyd Platt concludes with the advice: "You should try to have a loving and happy sexual relationship. If you are always too tired then you must reassess your work schedule and what you really want from life."

Speeding drivers. Supercharged motorists could evade prosecution by claiming immunity under the European Convention on Human Rights. A Scottish Court has ruled that compelling a motorist to say who was driving a car at the time of an alleged offence would infringe that person's right to a fair trial. As car-owners are currently required to disclose who was driving a vehicle after it is captured by the cameras, the ruling could mean that the UK's network of speed cameras may become redundant.

Newlyweds Dawn and David Feldman, who successfully sued a taxi company which failed to get a car to them in time for the couple to attend their wedding. After hitching a ride – complete with bridesmaid – in a neighbour's three-door car, the Feldmans had no time for wedding photos and had to get to their reception by tram. The couple intend to use their £150 damages and £100 expenses to re-enact their big day.