It's been a bad week for…

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). The Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) has lost patience with the CPS, saying its officials will go into CPS offices next month to carry out a formal investigation following a succession of complaints by CPS staff.

M&A lawyers. The new European Union Takeover Directive, which replaces the City's informal code for mergers and acquisitions with statutory rules, allows companies on the end of hostile takeover bids to apply for judicial review, effectively bogging the bid down in the courts for years.

Socialite mothers. A judge in New York dismissed a claim by Patricia Duff for $135,000 (£83,000) a month child maintenance arguing that a child could live quite happily on $12,825 (£7,895) a month. Duff was asking for $1.6m (£984,979) a year from her billionaire former husband Ron Perelman.

Those curious about Tory party finances. The decision by Michael Ashcroft not to take his battle with The Times to court means that the intricate nature of his business dealings and their relationship with Conservative party funding will not be subject to examination in court. The party treasurer reached a politically expedient out of court settlement with the newspaper over its claims that he was involved in laundering drugs money but the paper did not apologise or issue a correction.