It's been a bad week for

Eusoff Chin, a top Malaysian judge who has been accused of "improper" socialising. Photos of Chin with his arms around a prominent male lawyer and adviser to one of Malaysia's biggest business tycoons while on holiday inNew Zealand in 1994 were posted on the internet. A government minister said:"Certainly such socialising, shall I say, is not in keeping with the proper behaviour of a judicial personality."

Jurors in the Tony Martin case, who could face questioning in the Court of Appeal. Three judges led by Lord Justice Rose are to decide how far they can look into claims that the jurors were menaced by stares from the public gallery during the trial of the farmer convicted of murdering a burglar. The judges will decide "whether and in what terms"jurors can be questioned during Martin's appeal.

Godfathers living "the life of Riley". Crime barons could soon see their mansions and Rolls-Royces seized. Jack "juries are for wimps" Straw plans a new National Confiscations Agency which will look into the finances of criminals, using intelligence from existing law enforcement bodies. Civil liberties campaigners argue that the proposals represent a reversal of the burden of proof, in effect forcing suspects to prove their fortunes are legitimate.

Nasser al-Rashid. One of the world's richest men, Saudi Arabian businessman and friend of King Fahd, has failed to stop his ex-wife Mouna Ayoub publishing her story which she describes as "the testimony of a woman subjected to the laws of a macho, fundamentalist and retrograde society".

The New York Mafia. Alleged members of five organised crime families, two executives of a restaurant chain and a number of stockbrokers were charged with masterminding the biggest securities fraud in history. Federal authorities charged 120 people on counts of racketeering, bribery, extortion and even soliciting murder. Losses from the scheme are estimated at £30m.