It's been a bad week for…

Home secretary Jack Straw (pictured), whose condemnation of travellers makes Prince Philip's gaffes look like the height of diplomacy. Straw has been reported to the police and the Commission for Racial Equality after accusing travellers – legally classed as gypsies under Home Office rules – of burgling, thieving, breaking into cars and defecating in doorways. Straw has previously accused Liverpudlians of being "always up to something" and once called for the streets to be rid of "winos, addicts and squeegee merchants".

Award-winning brewer Graham Judge, who built his reputation on ales with legal names, such as Solicitors' Ruin and Grey Wig. This loyalty to the legal profession held no truck with Warwick Crown Court, which jailed Judge for nine months for failing to pay nearly u140,000 beer tax and excise duty over a two and a half year period.

Former director of the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors Peter Ross, who resigned from his u74,000 post following revelations of a backlog of cases stretching to 17,000 and an average wait of one year between a case being reported and investigation commencing. However, it's not all bad for Ross – he has negotiated a sum of compensation so significant that the Law Society is refusing to reveal its amount.

Barristers on holiday, who may have to kiss goodbye to their two-month seasonal breaks. Andrew Dismore MP is spearheading a campaign to encourage barristers to stay home during most of August and September, arguing their extensive holidays are delaying cases.