It's been a bad week for…

Balding barrister Kevin Talbot, who had to appear bareheaded and unrobed before a crown court jury in Gloucester after his wig and gown were stolen on a train.

School teacher Shirley Pearce, a lesbian who claimed she was forced to retire from Mayfield School in Portsmouth because of years of taunting from pupils. She took legal action on the grounds that the headmaster had failed to halt the abuse but a tribunal in Southampton decided that she had not been a victim of sexual discrimination.

Worktime surfers. Lois Franxhi lost her case for unfair dismissal after an employment tribunal in Liverpool was told that she made 150 searches on her computer to find the right holiday. It was the first time a tribunal has ruled that using company computers for personal use is a dismissable offence.

Those parts of the profession yet to feel Lord Irvine's delicate regulatory touch. The Lord Chancellor has announced an inquiry into unqualified claims assessors – so-called ambulance chasers – whose work, he says ominously, "is not currently regulated".