It's been a bad week for…

The Mob, who have seen their favourite lawyer, Oscar Goodman, go into politics. The man who defended such Mafia figures as Meyer Lansky and Tony "The Ant" Spilotro, won a landslide victory in the race for mayor of Las Vegas. Goodman, who played himself in Martin Scorsese's film Casino, has pledged to clean up Vegas… by fighting pollution in the city centre.

Former circuit court judge Richard Gee, who claims his legal career is in tatters and is apparently plagued by suicidal tendencies. It is not known whether these are linked to the fact that Gee is reported to be locked in talks with the Lord Chancellor over a retirement pay-off. Gee was suspended three and a half years ago after allegations of mortgage fraud but the case was stopped by the Attorney General eight months ago because of Gee's health. Gee continues to draw his u92,810 salary.

The Southern Ute Indians. The Native American tribe lost its $1bn (u620m) lawsuit against BP Amoco. The tribe had claimed that the methane gas the oil giant was extracting from coal beds in Colorado was rightfully theirs. Although the tribe owns the coal, under federal law it does not own the land and mineral rights. The Supreme Court ruled that ownership of the coal does not confer ownership of the gas within.