It's been a bad week for:

Judges. Boy has it been a bad week for judges. Where to start?

How about with Judge Martin Binning who imprisoned John McGranaghan for nine months following a knife attack, earning the ridicule of Private Eye. Lawyers for McGranaghan had argued that he had a serious medical condition after suffering two heart attacks while being wrongfully imprisoned for 11 years, and had only gone to help a neighbour in distress. Didn't Judge Richard Gee have a serious medical condition?

Or Judge Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, who was told to take driving lessons after she was behind the wheel during a serious crash. However, she did not have to go to court, earning the ire of the Daily Mail.

And finally, Lady Belinda Johnston, a magistrate who was blasted by the Law Lords for only fining a local hunt master despite the fact he was two times over the legal drink limit.

Honest lawyers who, along with politicians, have been barred from entering the annual lying competition held this month in the Lake District.