It's been a bad week for…

Tony Blair, who was criticised by a High Court judge for misleading parents over the effects of scrapping assisted places in private schools. The Prime Minister, who has staged a prominent television and billboard advertising campaign to promote the teaching profession, failed to impress Mr Justice Kay in the High Court, who described conflicting government information on the issue as "a sorry state of affairs".

Customs officers, who were criticised in court for failing to follow proper procedure in a case against five alleged drug smugglers. Prosecutors had to drop charges because investigators failed to secure authorisation to bug rooms in a hotel where the drug plot was being hatched. Mr Justice Turner said the behaviour – estimated to have cost taxpayers u50m – was scandalous.

Divorce lawyers, who seem likely to lose valuable fees after mathematicians came up with a sophisticated "adjusted winner" algorithm to eliminate envy from the division of divorcing couples' assets. Scientists predict the creation of software will do the process instantaneously – future divorcees will just press a button for a silicon chip to determine a fair division of goods and chattels.

Homophobes. London based CPO Legal Expenses is offering an insurance policy, Gay Rights, offering up to u50,000 legal expenses cover for personal injury claims, discrimination at work and defence against prosecution. The cover is available for u19.99.

Bogus Christians. Trading standards officers have warned solicitors handling the affairs of clients who have died intestate to be aware of a scam whereby a fake Christian bookshop demands solicitors pay for a Bible and a u9.99 book, Jesus of the Holy Land, allegedly ordered by their clients before their death.