It's been a bad week for…

President Jacques Chirac, whose plans for reform of the French judicial system have been been sabotaged by a coalition that includes members of his own RPR party. The reforms are aimed at reducing the role of government in judicial appointments.

A college in Wrexham which has received a letter from a US university suggesting it could be passing itself off as a branch of the Ivy League giant of the same name. Emlyn Jones, principal of Yale College, Wrexham, said: "The basis of the claim implied breach of trademark and 'passing-off', which was preposterous." The college, founded in 1972, claims it is named after the Welsh word for hill (Ial). It has agreed to change its name to Coleg Ial or Yale College in Wrexham at a cost of £10,000.

Lawyers at an unidentified firm in New York who can no longer depend on door-to-door drug deliveries after the NY police busted a drugs delivery system. Police seized a "little black book" that listed the names of customers who paged a dealer who then phoned back to arrange for a minicab to deliver to the customer. The 2,000 addresses in the book were apparently of people in the "advertising, real estate, investment and legal fields". Police claim the minicabs regularly delivered to major financial institutions and a law firm.