It’s been a bad week for…

Dog lover Laura Bunday, who was tailed by police this week after “stealing” a stick from woodland for her pet pouch Bramble to play with. A park ranger reported Bunday to Devon and Cornwall police after seeing her toss the piece of wood into the boot of her car after walking her dog. The police tracked her down using her car number plate and warned her that she had committed a criminal offence. Bunday was ordered to take the two-foot long branch back to the woods.

William Hague (above), who was legally challenged this week when his self-defence speech backfired. His suggestion of a law change to protect homeowners who defend themselves against intruders was rejected by a number of lawyers and judges as a charter for “vengeful vigilantism”. The Tory leader, who in a previous incarnation voted against the ending of mandatory life sentences, was speaking in the wake of the case of Tony Martin, who was jailed for life after killing a burglar.

A couple whose entire garden was stolen from the grounds of their Bristol home. Colin and Linda Warburton could not see the wood or the trees when they returned to their property to find thieves had uprooted conifers, stolen ornaments set in cement and even taken their 6ft by 4ft pond – complete with carp and goldfish.

The Army, which was forced to pay £21,000 in damages to a Lance Corporal who alleged she was forced to do seven-mile runs shortly after the birth of her daughter. Nina Middlemass was sent to the Balkans 10 weeks after giving birth and alleged that senior officers had told her to have two abortions or risk being drummed out of the service for being an unmarried mother.

The criminal justice system. A new report, the first to cover the whole system, says judges are passing illegal sentences and prisoners are being held unlawfully because crucial information is not being passed between courts and prisons.