It's been a bad week for….

Mohammed Al Fayed, who has lost another Appeal Court hearing in his application for British citizenship and a passport. Three judges, upheld Jack Straw's earlier decision on the grounds that Fayed was not of "good character". Fayed described the verdict as "disproportionate and irrational".

The House of Lords. Due to an increase in the number of bills which need attention, the Lords may have to cut their summer holidays short and start work a month before their colleagues in the House of Commons.

Frances Brett from Coventry. The 45-year-old size 32 woman was rejected by a drugs gang as a drug-running "mule", after they decided any packages strapped to her body would be easily spotted by customs officials. Brett and five gang members were jailed for a total of 53 years after being found guilty of conspiracy to smuggle drugs.

Two solicitors who were ordered by the High Court to stand down from a case they were both acting on. The solicitors, who were representing opposing sides, turned out to be lovers and Mr Justice Wilson did not want any bias to affect the case in which a young woman was attempting regain custody of her daughter.