The Law Society and the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (ITMA) have settled a row over the use of the title “trade mark attorney”, reaching an agreement through mediation.

The Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys had intended to trade mark the term “trade mark attorney” last year but was opposed by the Law Society. The two bodies have now agreed that the term will be covered by statutory regulation.

ITMA president Philip Harris said: “We had sought statutory protection for trade mark attorney in the past but had been advised that, without The Law Society support, it was unlikely we would succeed.”

Andrew Holroyd, Law Society President said: “We were concerned to ensure that the registration of trade mark attorney as a certification trade mark did not prohibit solicitors from using that title.”

He added: “Our agreement with ITMA achieves that, whilst also paving the way for joint action to ensure that consumers are not put at risk by unqualified persons calling themselves trade mark attorneys.”

ITMA is now launching a bid to get protection for the title included in the Legal Services Bill.