It never rains but it pours

With lawyers getting rained on from a great height (literally) we could all do with a little good news right now.

The Law Society upping the cost of a practising certificate by nearly 20 per cent was not it (see story).

With professional indemnity insurance forcing many high street firms out of business, a bill of £1,180 a year (up from £995 in 2008) is not what the doctor ordered.

New Law Society chief executive Des Hudson blamed the rise on the Legal Services Act (LSA) and a fall in the number of practising certificate holders.

To Hudson’s credit, he also said it was the society’s aim to “drive down” the cost once the LSA has been implemented, back to 2008 levels.

However, with even more certificate holders finding themselves out of a job or quitting to open olive farms in Tuscany, its member list is unlikely to improve anytime soon.

It was both prudent and wise, then, that the society has frozen its salaries over 2009.

About time too – Hudson received a hefty £71,200 pay rise in 2008. A repeat this year would probably have caused a minor riot.


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