It has been a good week for:

Diane Cram, who this week became the UK's first blind magistrate. Cram, a mother of three who lost her sight as a teenager in a medical accident, was appointed along with three partially-sighted magistrates. The move follows the Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine's resolve to allow visually impaired candidates into the magistracy.

Transexual Susan Marshall, a bursar at Oxford University, who this week reached an "amicable" agreement with the Crown Prosecution Service before her discrimination claim against the CPS reached the Court of Appeal. Marshall was offered the post of crown prosecutor when she was still Simon Stone, but had the offer withdrawn when she wrote to Dame Barbara Mills explaining that she was undergoing treatment to become a woman.

Carlo Colombotti of Amhurst Brown Colombotti, the London-based lawyer will be joint-head of a consortium taking a 10 per cent stake in Sheffield United Football Club. It is hoped that the consortium can help the club gain promotion to the premiership and will enable access to junior players from Juventus and Roma clubs in Italy.