It has been a good week for…

Dundee solicitor and ex-Rugby player Alexandra MacRae, whose sex change was recognised by the Scottish Courts when a sheriff agreed to send her to a female prison after she was jailed for 15 months for embezzlement.

The Sun's "legal manager" Tom Crone and the newspaper's counsel, Charles Gray QC, who fought off an attempt by Mohamed Al Fayed to win a court injunction banning an ex-bodyguard from spilling the beans about Princess Diana's last hours. "This is a tremendous victory for The Sun relating to a very, very important story that needed to be told," crooned Crone on the front page.

Liverpool judge Marilyn Mornington, who has been allowed by the Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine, to continue as a county court judge – following a three-month suspension after she was banned from driving for 15 months for drink driving. According to the Lord Chancellor's Department, her case had "mitigating circumstances".