It has been a bad week for:

Law student and convicted killer Louise Woodward, who was warned by lawyers acting for the parents of baby Matthew Eappen that she would be "chased around the world for 20 years" if she tried to write a book on the sensational case.

The Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine, who was ordered to give evidence at an industrial tribunal in Croydon next March over claims by lawyers Jane Coker and Martha Osamor that he discriminated against them in appointing City lawyer Garry Hart as his special adviser. Expect legislation recommending the immediate abolition of industrial tribunals in February next year.

Woofie, a three-year-old collie, who has been sentenced to death by a Scottish sheriff for chasing the local postman. Lawyers are planning to appeal, no doubt citing the case of a legally aided collie named Laddie, who last week was set free with a fine and a warning after biting a man at a boat yard. A positive psychologist's report (we are not making this up) was Laddie's saving grace. Channel Four's Ruff Justice team are already investigating Woofie's case. Gives you paws for thought.

Judge Peter Fingret who, after hearing how two white youths chased a black teenager into a shop, beat him up and called him a "nigger", declared that they were not deep seated racists.