It has been a bad week for…

Israel's criminal justice system, the reputation of which received a mauling during the trial of businessman Nahoum Manbar, jailed for selling chemical weapons to Iran. During the trial, his lawyer Amnon Zichroni caused a sensation when he alleged a young intern on his team, 26-year-old Pninat Yanei, had had an intimate relationship with the judge in the case. Judge Amnon Strashnov denied the claim.

EuroDisney, which, after a fall in visitors thanks to the World Cup and poor weather, is even more in need of the business next year's Law Society annual conference will bring.

The Crown Prosecution Service, which was forced to admit attempts to prosecute labourer Oliver Thompson for rape were a "fiasco". During the case vital evidence was withheld from the defence. Harrow Crown Court judge Barrington Black chided the CPS for its "cavalier attitude".