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Trustees – finding certainty in uncertain times

There is an old saying, attributed to the French Philosopher Voltaire, that ‘doubt is not a pleasant condition but certainty is an absurd one’. For trustees of trusts governed by the laws of the Cayman Islands (Cayman), and indeed for trustees worldwide, doubt as to the future value of trust assets (and as to the future needs or actions of beneficiaries) may be their new default condition as they deal with the upheaval brought on by recent global events.

Update on economic substance in the Cayman Islands

Along with its fellow Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories, the Cayman Islands now has comprehensive economic substance legislation, under which in-scope entities that carry on particular activities are required to demonstrate economic substance in Cayman.


Pearson GC Tellmann: why in-house roles are in peril

Pearson general counsel Bjarne Tellmann believes that in-house roles will be the next in line to be targeted by alternative legal service providers. Tellmann, who is currently drawing up inaugural legal panels in the UK, argues that the temporary low-cost manpower provided by firms such as Lawyers on Demand, Axiom or Obelisk have effectively targeted […]

Bjarne Tellmann pearson

Pearson’s Tellmann: alternative providers “will threaten the in-house world”

In-house roles will be the next target for low-cost alternative legal service providers, according to Pearson general counsel Bjarne Tellmann. In his in-house interview with The Lawyer this week Tellman argued that the traditional pipeline created for law firms has been pinched, with the cuts in in-house budgets and higher competition taking a chunk of the […]

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