Legal order that “guarantees good” must be properly funded, says Boris Johnson.

Legal order that “guarantees good” must be properly funded, says Boris Johnson.

Last week’s Global Law Summit (GLS) was billed as an event to showcase the best of the UK’s legal profession and, in three packed days, it largely lived up to the hype.

The organisers brought in some of the best-known names in the market, including leaders of the judiciary, senior partners and general counsel, plus a galaxy of star silks, to debate the rule of law.

However, most applause at the event and on social media went to London Mayor Boris Johnson, who gave a barnstorming speech towards the end of the summit.

Boris Johnson
Johnson: put British law in the dock

Using the conceit that the “whole British legal system” is “in the dock”, Johnson presented the case for and against his argument and concluded that the “British legal system guarantees all that is good about the UK and London”.

Johnson’s characteristic levity was set against the more serious tone of other speakers, many of whom used the occasion – against the background of the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta – to praise the UK’s legal system while warning of the pressing need for funding to be maintained.

Supreme Court president Lord Neuberger summed up this attitude when closing the conference: “In today’s world, with the power of governments growing and the law getting more complex, it is vital there is a legal system that is truly accessible to everyone, properly funded and administered.”

Neuberger’s words echoed those of Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas, who kicked off the GLS by telling delegates that maintaining the rule of law can have a “heavy price”.

“But it is one we all should gladly be prepared to pay,” he added.

“It is the foundation on which a just society has grown and flourished.”

Criminal Bar Association chair Tony Cross QC roundly criticised the Government for its cuts to legal aid – his words echoing the opinions of protestors representing many parts of the profession outside the conference hall.

Other speakers, who made varying impacts on delegates, included Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling MP; Attorney-General Jeremy Wright QC; the prime minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov; and Nobel peace prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

Issues as diverse as bribery, women in law and data security were covered.

A separate stream was held at the Rolls Building, where members of the judiciary and top barristers spoke on the use of the English courts for international disputes.

Delegates from around the world appeared engaged in learning from the UK’s legal market. As Thomson Reuters president (legal) Susan Taylor-Martin noted, the UK is a “petri dish of innovation” – and the world knows it.

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