TL 15 June 2015

Salary Survey: Stress

In 2014, Lawyer 2B ran a stress survey. With more than 500 responses, it sparked a good deal of debate about mental wellbeing in the profession. This salary survey took the opportunity to ask the questions again, but on a much larger scale. The results confirm many of the findings of the previous study, but with a […]


Salary Survey: The gender gap

Across all private practice respondents to this survey, the average salary for a man was £87,820, while the average salary for a woman was £63,518. This figure is, of course, skewed by the fact that there are more men in senior positions across the legal profession. Indeed, at newly-qualified level, the picture looks different. Almost […]

Salary Survey: Holiday allowance

Holiday allowances are fairly standard across the legal profession – and the entire UK workforce, for that matter. Some employers are slightly more generous than others when it comes to paid leave but they stay within fairly basic parameters. It’s a rare law firm that goes down the Richard Branson route of telling staff to […]

Salary Survey: What next on the career path?

Despite dissatisfaction with pay among many, the vast majority of lawyers – 93.4 per cent – are happy in their current practice area, and relatively few want to leave the profession. Asked where they would like to go for their next job, only 6.1 per cent said they wanted to leave the legal profession entirely. […]

Salary Survey: Bonuses

Overall, less than half – 46.2 per cent – of all respondents to the survey received a bonus last year. This overall figure was skewed by in-house respondents, however, who were far more likely to get one. As mentioned above, 71.4 per cent of in-housers who responded to our survey received a bonus in 2014/15, […]

Salary Survey: Salary rises and satisfaction

Across the UK, 72.4 per cent of lawyers received a pay rise in 2014-15. Salaries rose fastest in Scotland. North of the border, some 22.9 per cent of respondents got a pay rise of more than 10 per cent, compared with 15.9 per cent in London and 14.6 per cent nationally. In general, however, a […]


Salary Survey: Newly-qualifieds

Salaries for newly-qualified solicitors are more transparent than those further up the market, since firms tend to publish them as part of their efforts to woo the most talented graduates. The gap between the magic circle and the US firms at the top of the market should come as no surprise, then. While the American […]

piggy bank

Salary Survey: In-house

Precisely one-quarter of respondents to the survey work in-house – an area that is an increasingly popular and well-regarded career choice among lawyers. Typically, base salaries are lower in-house, with some newly-qualified lawyers here earning in the low £40,000s – though depending on the type of employer others might take home closer to £60,000. The […]

Richard SImmons

Gender pay gap is down to more than a dearth of women at the top

When we sent out our salary survey questionnaire it attracted more than 6,000 responses. If there’s a larger salary survey in the market we’d like to know about it. What is certain is that the results in today’s issue (see the report, starting on page 10) plus the extended results online at The provide […]

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Lock-ins guarantee Gateley loyalty

Gateley bigshots see personal wealth soar on flotation, but face penalties for early exit. On 8 June Gateley launched the UK legal industry’s first initial public offering (IPO) and raised £30m in capital on its first day of trading on AIM. The £30m was raised through the placing of 31,589,937 shares at an offer price […]


Hot 100 alumni: Jason Fox, Bracewell & Giuliani

Former legacy Herbert Smith finance chief Jason Fox was profiled in The Lawyer’s Hot 100 in 2007 after beating the firm’s revenue target for the group by a wide margin in the second year of his tenure. “What we set out to do was to have a world-class banking practice, and we spent a decade […]

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