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Sending in the bailiffs… no longer an option for landlords

On 15 September 2020, the government announced further measures to protect commercial tenants from recovery action by restricting the ability of landlords to recover unpaid rent by utilising the Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery process (“CRAR”).

What price do you put on the environment?

The pandemic has challenged a lot of the ways we do things, and large scale on-site catering has been subject to more change than most. For some, this has meant the logistical challenge of delivering meals to residents at a distance from a central kitchen, and alongside the physical distribution, this has brought about the need to procure packaging for hot meals.

SMAs – a phoenix from the flames of Covid-19?

One of the consequences of the slowdown in fundraising caused by the recent pandemic seems to have been an increase in the use of Separately Managed Accounts as investment vehicles.


CIMA introduces corporate governance guidance for regulated mutual funds

In December 2013, the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) published a Statement of Guidance for Regulated Funds — Corporate Governance (SOG) that sets forth minimum guidance for operators of Cayman Islands regulated funds for the sound and prudent governance of the regulated funds they operate. The SOG does not create new law but places a […]

European Commission to investigate possible state aid for Hinkley point nuclear project

The European Commission has announced that it intends to open a detailed investigation into possible state aid for the Hinkley point nuclear new-build project. It stated in its announcement that it doubts the project suffers from a genuine market failure. It is also quite negative regarding the project’s prospects of being found to constitute ‘services […]

David Corker

Litigation Lawyers Under Fire

Recent developments should give rise to concern lawyers specialising in civil and criminal litigation. Such lawyers of course act for and advise clients embroiled in hostilities either initiated by them or in reaction to them. The parties may be at daggers drawn and the litigious process may only exacerbate their antagonism. Occasionally this poses a […]

Consumer Rights Bill formally introduced to House of Commons

Following extensive consultation, detailed impact assessments and further amendments throughout last year, the Consumer Rights Bill was introduced into the House of Commons on 23 January 2014. The bill contains some substantial changes compared with the draft bill published for pre-legislative scrutiny in June 2013. Successive governments have long expressed a belief in the need for reform […]

Bulletin — Winter 2014: Commercial & Chancery

Most of us do not relish January and what follows closely on its heels. The Christmas season has been and gone and the new year’s bubbles are but a distant memory. Thoughts return to the workload on our desks that we all have put from our minds with mixed success. But there are points of […]

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