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The Transatlantic Elite 2009: The Top 50 Transatlantic Elite

Rank Firm Global Global Percentage Global Global Percentage Total Total 2008   revenue revenue change PEP  PEP change number number      2008 ($m) 2007 ($m)   2008 ($m)  2007 ($m)   of lawyers of partners 1 Skadden 2,200.00 2,170.00 1.4 2.05 2.28 -10.1 2,100 458 2 Baker & McKenzie 2,190.00 1,830.00 19.7 1.2 1.06 […]

The Transatlantic Elite 2009: The Top 50 PEP

PEP REVENUE FIRM Global Global Percentage rank rank   PEP PEP change 2008 2008   2008 ($m) 2007 ($m)   1 13 Sullivan & Cromwell 3 3.13 -4.2 2 36 Paul Weiss 2.7 2.6 3.8 3 6 Kirkland & Ellis 2.55 2.55 0 4 50 Cravath 2.5 3.3 -24.2 5 25 Simpson Thacher 2.48 2.87 […]

The Transatlantic Elite 2009: The Top 50 RPP

RPP Revenue Firm Global Total Global  rank rank   revenue  number RPP 2008 2008   2008 ($m) of partners 2008 ($m) 1 13 Sullivan & Cromwell 1,100.00 170 6.47 2 36 Paul Weiss 692 114 6.07 3 50 Cravath 532.5 92 5.79 4 32 Debevoise & Plimpton 761 143 5.32 5 25 Simpson Thacher 904 […]

The Transatlantic Elite 2009: The Top 50 RPL

The Transatlantic Elite 2009: The Top 50 RPL RPL Revenue Firm Global Total RPL rank rank   revenue number of 2008 2008 2008   2008 ($m) lawyers ($K) 1 13 Sullivan & Cromwell 1,100.00 642 1,713 2 32 Debevoise & Plimpton 761 631 1,206 3 31 Davis Polk 767 715 1,073 4 36 Paul Weiss […]

The Transatlantic Elite 2009: Ups and downs

London is no longer the promised land for US firms. By Catrin Griffiths Paul Maher Could London be losing its lustre for New York lawyers? Certainly, the UK legal market is not yielding the revenues that it once was. Revenues in the 2008 calendar year fell at 18 of the top 30 firms – an […]

The Transatlantic Elite 2009: Talent spotting

The current financial and geopolitical climate is having a prodigious effect on law firms – leaving their very future in the balance. Scared? Don’t be. Firms should view this recession and the governmental intervention as an opportunity to reposition themselves for the future. Those that fail to adapt to the new financial order will be […]

The Transatlantic Elite 2009: Double standards

Over the years an elite group of law firms, known as the Sweet Sixteen, has come to dominate transatlantic work. These firms have pursued one of two business models – expansive or traditional. Firms following the expansive model grew by hiring laterally or merging, extending services to include transactional roles akin to those of bankers, […]

The Transatlantic Elite 2009: International rescue

With the recent demise of so many financial institutions, Margaret Taylor takes a look at the firms that have benefited from the ensuing flood of work When a major investment bank collapses, taking most of the banking sector with it and leaving a trail of economic detritus in its wake, it can only mean one […]

The Transatlantic Elite 2009: The shape of firms to come

Top law firm leaders reveal their thinking. By Matt Byrne How serious and far-reaching are the structural changes facing the world’s top law firms? That in essence was the question put by The Lawyer earlier this year to some of the world’s top lawyers. Taking a cue from one of the best-known specialists on law […]

The Transatlantic Elite 2009: Trouble at the top

According to data published by Citi Private Bank covering the vast majority of large US-based firms, the compound annual growth rate of yearly revenues between 2001-07 was 10.6 per cent and that of profit per equity partner (PEP) was 9.3 per cent. Put differently, the average firm’s revenue more than doubled in that period, up […]

The Transatlantic Elite 2009: After the gold rush

Recently, I ran across a Buddhist proverb: “Do not hope for a life without problems. An easy life leads to a lazy mind.” What might the relevance be to law firms and the Transatlantic Elite in particular? For the eight years prior to 2008, global firms benefited from a benign macro environment with high demand, […]

The Transatlantic Elite 2009: Five stars: then and now

Last year we not only highlighted the sixteen firms that would shape the legal market over the next decade, we also flagged up several individuals as the ones to watch. A year on, a lot has happened to one or two of these stars Ralph Baxter Ralph Baxter, Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe Last year we […]

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