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COVID-19 has put many businesses in a difficult financial situation

Although the Government recognised this by pushing the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 through Parliament to try and stem the inevitable wave of insolvencies, directors and owners cannot afford to take their eyes off the ball for a second.



Six QCs selected to probe need for UK Bill of Rights

The Government has selected six heavyweight silks to sit on an independent commission to examine whether there is a need for a UK Bill of Rights. The commission, headed by former Permanent Secretary Sir Leigh Lewis, will look at the Human Rights Act and decide whether it properly reflects British freedoms. It is expected to […]

Bribery/Anti-corruption: Balfour Beatty

Section 7 of the Bribery Act creates the new ­corporate offence of failure of an organisation of prevent bribery on its behalf, in what is proving to be the most contentious area of the new act. The only defence to a Section 7 offence is evidence that ’adequate procedures’ to prevent bribery were in place. […]


Political fallout from Fukushima puts energy projects in jeopardy

Energy lawyers fear the worst for future and current nuclear deals in wake of disaster. Last week, as Japan continued to count the human and economic cost of the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami, the ­leading law firms in Tokyo were making the safety of their lawyers and staff their top priority. All of the […]

When Links attacks

Sparta was founded on the fight principle. Video games are founded on the fight principle. The law is founded on the fight principle, despite the advent of that namby-pamby ’dispute resolution’ malarkey. But the prospect of a bunch of lawyers in suits suing another bunch of lawyers in suits is a rare outbreak of hostility […]


The financial crisis has had a wide-ranging effect on many facets of life. For financial services ­businesses, one of the most ­significant and ­lasting impacts will be on the way they are regulated. Since the collapse of Lehman Brothers had such a profound ­ripple effect on markets, policymakers have turned the spotlight on areas including […]

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