Weightmans staggers promos round as merger talks continue

Weightmans has made a series of promotions to its associate and fixed-share partner ranks as merger talks with target firms progress.

Paddy Gaul
Paddy Gaul

The firm has made up five into the fixed-share role, but the firm’s managing partner Paddy Gaul has admitted that it may reshape its partnership structure if a deal to acquire Mace & Jones and Vizards Wyeth comes off (7 January 2011).

Talks between the firms are at an advanced stage and an agreement is aimed for by March.

The latest round of promotions was kicked off at the half-year point and were effective as of 1 January.

But the equity promotion process will not commence until the end of this month and those made up into that role will take up their posts on 1 May.

Gaul explained the reason for the two-step approach: “There’s a lot of work involved, a lot of people, a lot of meetings, interviews and feedback involved in the process. Although the board does all the partner promotions and a separate body the associate promotions we thought we’d do it better if we staggered it.”

In 2009 the firm put off making promotions for six months, citing the need for more time (28 September 2009).

At the same time as the fixed share promotions, Weightmans has made up nine into the associate role. Newly qualified solicitors at the firm are designated as ’assistants’ and then progress to become ’associates’. The firm does not have a senior associate position.

The new fixed share partners are:

David Ingleson (Converge – Liverpool/Birmingham)

Adrian Marston (Commercial insurance – Birmingham)

Jane Price (Insurance – Leicester)

Vanessa Splaine (Healthcare – Liverpool)

Peter Wake (Local government – Liverpool)

The new associates are:

Kella Bowers (Public sector – Manchester)

Victoria Curran (Insurance – Leicester)

James Langford (Commercial – Manchester)

Kathryn Hammell (Insurance – London)

Andrew Logan (Public sector – Leicester)

Dei Harries (Commercial – Liverpool)

Kylie Jamieson (Public sector – London)

Sandra MacMichael (Insurance – Liverpool)

Navdip Wilson (Insurance – Leicester).