Wedding stress

It is a truth universally acknowledged that bank holidays are, categorically, Good Things.

So, having four of them come along in less time than it takes to say ’souvenir tea towel’ must surely be a cause for unconfined celebration to break out the length and breadth of the land.

But one constituency that won’t be dusting off the red, white and blue bunting for the impending royal nuptials is that of the City’s managing partners (see story).

Law firm management were no doubt tearing their few remaining hairs out when the sweet but selfish couple decided to proffer unto their subjects an extra day off to drink themselves into oblivion.

Wills and Kate obviously care very little for the hard work and military logistical manipulation that goes into a firm’s year-end billing feeding frenzy by giving opportunistic associates the perfect opportunity to land a week-and-a-half in Lanzarote while only giving up four hours of precious holiday time.

“It’s been a massive pain in the a**e,” said one touchy-feely managing partner. Others are just getting creative and pretending that March is April.

It’s an idea that could catch on away from the law. If Arsenal spent every season pretending February was May, the trophy cabinet at the Emirates probably wouldn’t be quite so bare…


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