TwoBirds: 2 birds

Well, here’s the good news first: after Ashurst’s latest promotions round, announced yesterday, meant that only two of its last 33 newly promoted lawyers are of the fairer sex (see story), Bird & Bird has gone the other way.

TwoBirds has made its latest round of promos 100 per cent female.

Now, here’s the less good news for its associates, male or female: the firm’s partnership gravy train has stopped for a mere two passengers this year (see story).

London international disputes and corporate specialists Sophie Eyre and Helen Gavin-Brown are the two Charlies given access to the Birds’ chocolate factory; an analogy that, somewhat scarily, makes David Kerr the firm’s Willie Wonka.

While other firms have seen promotion numbers creep slowly up this year, 2Birds has bucked the trend. The figure of two is eight fewer than last year and a whole dozen down on 2009.

Meanwhile, 15 partners have arrived as laterals over the past 24 months.

Maybe, counter-intuitively, they prefer birds in the bush to those in the hand at Two Birds.