Train in vain?

Anyone out there fancy being a lawyer? You couldn’t pick an easier time, apparently.

Despite what you may have read in the mainstream press about the job market’s bad health, it seems that training contracts at law firms are about to become 10 a penny.

The College of Law (CoL) has, remarkably, predicted that there will soon be fewer LPC graduates than there are training slots (see story). Clearly today’s over-achieving adolescents believe that the dole, daytime TV and endless cups of tea are preferable to a life reviewing corporate finance documents until the wee small hours.

In 2011-12, the CoL reckons that there will be 550 more contracts available than graduates to fill them, meaning a slew of unlikely ’positions vacant’ ads could soon begin to appear in the classifieds section of the Walton-on-the-Naze Sentinel.

But the stats are a bit different from those issued by the Law Society, which warns of an oversupply of students, with three times as many Jeremy Kyle-watching legal wannabes as there are training contracts.

Someone’s got to be wrong, right? “Cynics are bound to say it’s in the college’s interest to publish this research,” suggested CoL chief exec Nigel Savage.

Those cynics, eh? They’ve got an answer for everything.


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