Tom Gone

Today’s news is dominated by the Fleet Street-related saga of mysterious dealings at the heart of one of the UK’s best-known national institutions.

Yes, Freshfields is doing its damndest to scoop any Murdoch-related shenanigans following irregularities in its business support functions. In highly topical fashion, the magic circle firm has launched its own internal investigation into “possible questions in relation to supplier arrangements” (see story).

As one reader of put it, “One of the servants has been at the sherry again”.

Not to be outdone in the headline-making business, former Fleet Street denizen News International (NI) shows no sign of letting up on the story that just keeps on giving.

Today’s instalment? The departure of legal head Tom Crone, the lawyer who – on the basis of what he was told by NI executives – told a parliamentary select committee in 2009 that there was “no evidence” the problem of hacking “went beyond the Goodman/Mulcaire situation” (see story).

Next thing you know, News Corp will be pulling its bid for BSkyB (see story).

Oops: it just did.