Thirteen future Denton Wilde Sapte trainees have taken up the firm’s offer of a payment of up to £10,000 to defer for 12 months.

The firm originally contacted all future London trainees, who were due to start in September 2009, March 2010, March 2011 or September 2011 in April, inviting them to defer their start dates by one year.

But after enough trainees came forward from the firm’s September 2009 and March 2010 intakes, the firm’s 2011 cohort has not been asked to defer as originally planned.

Graduate recruitment partner Jeremy Cape said: “We’re really glad we didn’t have to make any of our deferrals compulsory and I think the whole process has gone much more smoothly than first anticipated.”

Those trainees who agree to defer will received a cash payment of £7,000, with an additional £3,000 if they choose to pursue a specific charitable or pro bono project during the course of their deferral year.