The only way is Ilford

Beleaguered despot and natty dresser Colonel Gaddafi has not had a fantastic weekend.

Rebel fighters have breached Tripoli, a number of Gaddafi’s sons have reportedly been captured and international political pressure on the frail regime has intensified.

Gaddafi will be thanking his stars, then, that he has 14-partner Ilford firm Edwards Duthie fighting his corner – even if the smart money is on Gaddafi having no clue whatsoever where Ilford is.

The Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, as Gaddafi’s regime is formally known, instructed Edwards Duthie to help it regain control of Libya’s frozen assets in the UK (see story).

On the other side, representing rebel government the National Transitional Council is Hogan Lovells and Holborn firm MS-Legal.

Ever the cautious lawyer, one source close to the rebel government’s case said: “I believe and hope that the developments over the weekend will make matters slightly easier for [the firms] in pursuing Libyan assets.”

Only slightly?


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