The Gospel according to Eversheds

What with the X Factor, Pret’s seasonal sandwiches and those perfume ads starring the cutesy girl next door off of Amelie, it’s very easy to forget that Christmas is in fact all about the birth of a small child in the manger.

The real spirit of Christmas isn’t lost on Lee Ranson though. The Eversheds managing partner has evoked the image of the apostles (Jesus’ de facto fan club, for anyone who spent RE lessons writing rude notes to the girl in the row in front) in explaining his firm’s decision to outsource its procurement work to Accenture (see story).

Of course the search for the 13th apostle is one that has exercised the greatest theological minds for over 1,000 years. Some (on Wikipedia) say that it was Paul of Tarsus, despite not being named by the resurrected Jesus.

Still other scholars maintain that Emperor Constantine was the man, even if his only claim to the title was the fact that he said he was and that it was generally politic in 4th century Rome to agree with the Emperor.

But Ranson has finally cleared it up. “They want us to be an apostle,” he said of Accenture, which may know its stuff on gold, but is a little shaky on the frankincense and myrrh.

So what does the Gospel according to Eversheds say? “Lo, go forth to Milton Keynes whereat ye shall find much greater purchasing power for an increasingly commoditised industry.”

And here endeth the lesson.