The DLA-ly Mail

Is there anything that gets the juices pumping more than a hard-fought general election campaign? Well, yes plenty of things actually.

But it would be remiss of your favourite daily news update to ignore the desperate attempts by three middle-aged men to convince us that, despite a singular lack of qualifications, they are the best person to run the country.

One of these contenders is married to a lawyer – no less a personage than DLA Piper’s head of trade Miriam Gonzalez.

Now, Gonzalez’s firm has gone and issued a press briefing warning anyone who cares to listen about the dangers of a hung parliament. It is a well-reasoned argument by a respected firm explaining the potential difficulties a minority government might have in passing decisive legislation.

What’s the problem there? Well, Gonzalez – aka Mrs Nick Clegg – only happens to be married to the leader of a party that might just favour a hung parliament… as that bastion of free-thinking journalism the Daily Mail gleefully pointed out this morning.

Of course, the Mail has something of a proud track record when it comes to finding spurious ways to discredit Clegg’s pale yellow bandwagon in this campaign having dredged up a Guardian article from AD892 to prove that he is a closet Brit-basher.

And judging from the reaction of the firm’s press office to this morning’s story, that esteemed organ can add DLA to its growing list of fans.