The Belgians are coming!

In the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy ’Belgium’ was considered the rudest word in the universe, though no one could quite remember why.

Well, there might be a few residents at the Inner Temple cursing the name of our bilingual, Smurf-creating brethren in the near future.

You see, the Inner Temple has opened its doors to the Belgian Olympic Committee meaning that 50,000 visitors – including the country’s royal family – could be passing through the Inns over the course of the summer Olympics (see story).

Naturally opinion is split between those who fear the nuisance that tens of thousands of Europeans, hopped up on waffles and chocolate then whipped into a frenzy by the spectacle of the competition, will have on their practice, and those, like Brick Court senior clerk Ian Moyler who say “we should be happy to have them”.

Things are getting especially heated now that the summer lull is not what it once was, and the prospect of staggering work hours to accommodate the Belgian guests is not something that sits too well with those trying to run a business or get their heads round the finer points of shipping law.

Still, things could be worse. It could have been the French.