Tell me why I don’t like Tuesdays

Readers of a certain age will already be familiar with the concept.

But apparently Moody Tuesdays aren’t confined to the refugees of Generation X. According to the latest piece of invaluable research, 10am on the second day of the week is also the time when the majority of lawyers start reaching for the Prozac (see story).

The research, from recruiter Michael Page, cites issues such as IT failures and mounting workloads as reasons for lawyerly rage.

But over at CMS Cameron McKenna it isn’t just the lawyers who will be feeling somewhat down this Tuesday. Today the firm’s support staff face up to the prospect that almost one in 10 could be out of a job come April (see story).

As details of the outsourcing deal with Integreon emerge, not only will 9 per cent face the great axe of redundancy but a further 21 per cent may have to relocate to Bristol. Or, and we imagine this may have been buried in the small print, India.

Back in November, the partnership voted unanimously for the Integreon tie-up. As the Roman sailor said to the oarsmen in the galley: “We’re all in the same boat.”