Tabloid tales

It wasn’t so long ago that the News of the World led the news agenda on Sundays with its front-page scoops divulging salacious tales of Britain’s top celebs.

Yesterday, some of those celebs topped the agenda again, this time calling for the Prime Minister to listen to the outcome of the Leveson Inquiry and implement press regulation should it be deemed necessary.

They aren’t the only ones wading into the debate.

In today’s issue of The Lawyer Gideon Benaim, adviser to Ryan Giggs, argues that statutory regulation is the only way to rein in a press that has abused its position. Unsurprisingly he has the support of the claimant media lobby, with Carter Ruck and Hugh Tomlinson QC nodding in full agreement.

The Guardian’s Gill Phillips, however, isn’t so sure and Gavin Millar QC believes that any statutory regulation will be parked until after the next election.

Regardless of what happens, libel lawyers are already preparing by moving into the area of reputation protection, an area that no doubt will come to dominate the news in years to come.


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