Super Cooper and the Battle of St Paul’s

St Paul’s Cathedral has called on a higher power to help sort out its stand-off with anti-capitalist protestors. No, not Him – Winckworth Sherwood.

The Cathedral re-opened on 28 October following a week of closure, but had instructed Winckworth’s property disputes head and an ecclesiastical partner to look at ways of legally removing the Occupy London Stock Exchange protestors (see story), before deciding legal action was not the way forward.

Not that protestors have been let off the hook. The City of London Corporation, which owns some of the land now acting as a makeshift campsite, is still bringing a court action against them in a bid to evict the tent dwellers.

Thankfully (for the protestors, anyway) Occupy LSX is receiving alms from Bindmans partner Paul Ridge and 25 Bedford Row barrister John Cooper QC – who are doing their bit ahead of pro bono week next week.

Winckworth never gave details of its billing arrangement with St Paul’s, but we assume it was a no-sin-no-fee.