Squammonds is born

So the respective partnerships at Hammonds and Squire Sanders have made it legal and voted overwhelmingly in favour of their merger (see story)

The crazy kids officially go to the altar on New Year’s Day, before which the increasingly thorny business of the dowry has to be sorted. Peter Crossley had originally wanted half a dozen oxen, a couple of thousand acres of land and the title Earl of Spitalfields.

In the end he settled for the job of European managing partner and having four Hammonds partners on the new firm’s 10-strong global board.

The big change coming for the Hammonds partners is that they will soon be adopting their US counterparts’ ’eat what you kill’ remuneration system.

“That’s something that distinguishes us from one or two other combinations,” purred Crossley, before adding that the partners are all “singing from the same hymn sheet”.

With the old world charm of the lockstep soon to be a thing of the past, let’s see how long before a few false notes start creeping into the choir.