Spoonful of Sugar for CC

As Schrödinger may well have speculated, the lines between fiction and reality have become increasingly blurred in the nebulous confusion of post-post-postmodern society.

It’s uncertain whether the great German physicist, or indeed his famous feline friend, would have been much of a fan of The Apprentice. But it looks like Clifford Chance’s corporate partners certainly are.

The group’s decision to split into three has led to much wailing and teeth-gnashing over the thorny issue of names (see story). Obviously no-one wants to be seen as a second-class citizen, hence the working titles of ’A’, ’Alpha’, and ’One’.

Such egalitarianism in the usually cut-throat world of corporate law is surely to be applauded.

Of course ’Alpha’ is a name that’s already been used by one eager young posse of potential Lord Shug acolytes, leading some cheeky wags at CC to suggest they go the whole hog and adopt Apprentice-style nomenclature.

Speculators suggest that other former team names under consideration include ’Renaissance’ for the group focusing on a beleaguered M&A market and ’Stealth’ for those concentrating on the shady world of private equity. Whether the oil and gas partners will be ballsy enough to propose ’Ignite’ remains, sadly, unclear.

Still, if all this Sugar obsession leads to Matthew Layton performing the backwards pterodactyl in front of a bemused David Childs, we’re all for it.


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