Spilling a few beans

Cobbetts has not been known for its transparency of late.

The North East firm has been more MI5 than 9 to 5 in keeping its decisions behind the closed doors of Cobbetts HQ.

But this week the firm turned over a new leaf and shed some light on the pressures it’s been facing during the downturn (see story).
Cost cutting measures have been rolled out across the firm’s transactional practices, including a four-day week that sees fee-earners and support staff ‘enjoying’ more long weekends.

More changes, most already seen at other firms, include flexible and part-time working and job sharing.

Cobbetts’ dispute resolution practice, which still has reasonable workflow, managed to avoid the cutbacks.

Michael Shaw, Cobbetts managing partner, said: “We’re doing this because we value those who work for us.”

Enjoy your bank holiday. And be thankful that it’s voluntary.


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