Some election questions

With the prospect of a Tory-led administration becoming ever more likely, lawyers are starting to ask questions about legal life under a new government.

Top of the Conservative legal wishlist is the replacement of the Human Rights Act in favour of a British Bill of Rights.

But as our BadLaw blog asks: what does this mean in practice? Is it necessary, or is this Tory hot air?

Meanwhile, Camerons partners Jason Zemmel and Jonathan Lisle argue that the increasingly controversial PPP model is the best way to solve the NHS funding crisis. Are they right (see story)?

What will the election result mean for the relationship between onshore and offshore firms (see story)?

And with the law firm results season upon us, will an austerity budget put paid to the current optimism about the next financial year (see story)?

Lastly, spare a thought for Jeremy Brier, Donald Cameron, Bambous Charalambous, Hamish Sandison, Joanna Shaw and Samantha Tierney.

All six lawyers are parliamentary candidates tomorrow. Will they be successful?

At least we should know the answer to that one on Friday (see story).