Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Project Skylark.

Yup, that is the slightly incongruous name that Big Duncan Weston has given to Cameron McKenna’s new partnership with Integreon that will see the firm outsource its entire back office (see story).

Ok, outsourcing is not normally the kind of subject that puts lead in your pencil on a Friday morning, but today’s news has seriously upped the ante.

It is ten times the size of last year’s deal that saw Osborne Clarke hand over three-quarters of its support functions to the outsourcer. Furthermore, the all-singing all-dancing new service centre that will slot seamlessly into Camerons’ London HQ will then be made available to other firms.

This is obviously great news for Integreon, whose eyes are no doubt filling with cartoon pound signs as we speak. But quite what Camerons gets out of the deal – other than those ubiquitous “efficiency savings” – is less obvious.

Maybe it’s a sign that firms are finally ready to ditch their old animosity and start helping each other out as they try to weather the storm.

Law firms as cooperative charities? That’d be the day.