Singles bar

“I used to be a barrister meself,” as erstwhile Fast Show pub bore Archie might once have said. “30 years, man and boy. ’Ardest game in the world, barristering…”

This week, former barristers have mostly been packing in their solitary lives in chambers and embracing the collegiate atmosphere of the law firm.

First came the announcement that Serle Court silk James Corbett QC has joined Kobre & Kim’s brand spanking new London office (see story).

This was followed by the surprising move of star IP barrister Anna Carboni from Wilberforce Chambers to boutique firm Powell Gilbert (see story).

Carboni, who began her career at Linklaters, admitted that the bar can be a “lonely existence”, while Corbett said that time spent working with clients offshore reminded him how much fun human contact can be – something apparently denied the profession back in dear old Blighty.

So despite all that freedom from the politics, backstabbing and bickering of law firms, barristers seem to miss the camaraderie. It’s a sweet thought, but it doesn’t mean life will be any happier as solicitors.

I used to be one once after all. ’Ardest game in the world, soliciting…