Singing the wrong tune?

It might not have evil dwarves, tubercular heroines or parapet death dives, but the spat between the Royal Opera House (ROH) and a blogger has its own histrionics.

If nothing else, the appalling spelling in the communications coming out of the ROH’s legal department is enough to give the un-merry blogger murderous thoughts (see story). And someone might have told the ROH press office that the spelling of “copywrite” was, well, wrong.

Presumably the ROH’s head of legal and business affairs George Avory had grander things on his mind than good English.

The ROH is threatening legal action against Intermezzo, an opera-lover’s blog that makes no financial gain from the 100,000 visits it receives a month but does promote the ROH. Avory, putting any thoughts of commercial awareness to one side, claims it infringed copyright by posting pictures of the Covent Garden building on its website.

“We will therefore instruct external consul (sic) to commence proceedings immediately for full damages and associated legal costs caused by the unauthorised reproduction by you of Royal Opera House property,” Avory said.

Presumably he then popped out and hired an English teacher.


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