Shop tactics

You know that feeling when you pop out to replenish your rubber band and second-class stamp supply and, halfway to the shop, you remember that you need a bit of conveyancing done?

No, neither do we. But that hasn’t stopped everyone’s favourite mass-market law outfit QualitySolicitors from hooking up with everyone’s favourite stationers WHSmith (see story).

While some firms talk about opening up in such glamorous locales as Paris, Rio or Sydney, QualitySolicitors is keeping its feet firmly on the ground with the prospect of setting up between the bookie and the chippie on your local high street.

Punters will be tempted by the prospect of digging into the half-price books, browsing the mag wall and sending their granny’s birthday card while quickly updating their will.

Other lawyers might spout a lot of hot air about it, but this really is a one-stop shop.


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