Shearman investigates viral email trainee

Shearman & Sterling is investigating the trainee who was part of a group of City workers whose list of holiday rules for a lads’ holiday went viral yesterday, ending up as national news.

A private, joke memo by a group of City workers, which detailed “tour rules” for an upcoming holiday, was leaked by one of their friends at the end of January and rapidly spread via email across City firms including Allen & Overy and Linklaters, eventually being picked up by national newspapers.

The memo listed profiles of the four members – who dubbed themselves the “G4” because of the group’s “density of oil and its capability to dominate social, political and economical spheres” – as well as their rules for a forthcoming holiday to Dubai to watch the Rugby 7s.

Rules included “mentioning parents’ salaries once a day” and compulsory chants “about your surrounding environment, being oily and how rich we are”, as well as rules of a sexual nature.

The group’s members are Shearman trainee Daniel England, aspiring lawyer Rory Jones and brokers James Hill and George Boulton-Lee.

In a statement, Shearman & Sterling said about England: “We’re very disappointed to learn of this individual’s behaviour, which is totally at odds with the values of Shearman & Sterling. We’re taking this matter very seriously and investigating it with our established procedures.”

Lois Gordon, Shearman’s head of human resources at Shearman also said that England was still working at the firm’s Singapore office and no decisions would be made with regards discipline until further meetings had taken place.

Gordon added that the firm runs a compulsory diversity awareness course for all employees, as well as yearly refresher courses. The course involves bringing in a group of actors who play out various scenarios for employees to discuss. While Gordon said that the diversity programme would not change because of the incident, she added that “it’s quite conceivable that scenario like [the email incident] might be part of one those plays.”

England was unavailable for comment.