Shakespeares’ play, Part II

Another day, another Shakespeare Putsman merger.

Last month the acquisitive Midlands firm snapped up Needham & James (see story). Yesterday it was the turn of £6m Nottingham firm Berryman
(see story).

Okay, it’s not Hogan Lovells, but Shakespeare Putsman chief executive Paul Wilson has grand plans for the firm he joined four years ago via St Philips Chambers and Olswang.

Wilson is looking to build a £50m Midlands practice. The Berryman deal takes his firm to more than £30m. It also finally removes any lingering confusion between the Nottingham firm and Berryman Lace Mawer, for which The Lawyer thanks him.

There are of course risks in building an empire, amply illustrated by the fate of Halliwells. But Wilson is adamant that Shakespeare Putsman isn’t interested in over-stretching itself.

London, Birmingham, Leeds, none of these are on the firm’s horizon.

For now.di