Schoenherr swoops for UBS chairman Kurer

Austrian firm Schoenherr has appointed former UBS chairman Peter Kurer as external member of its strategy committee.

Kurer will advise the firm on developing its strategy. He will have a full vote in its four-member committee, which also includes managing partner Christoph Lindinger and partners Michael Lagler and Gerold Zeiller.

“With Peter we bring on board decades of experience on the highest level of the game,” said Lindinger. “If you care for an outside view this is probably as good as it gets.”

Kurer joined UBS as general counsel in 2001. In 2008 he was promoted to chairman at UBS Group, provoking consternation from some shareholders who attacked his lack of management experience.

Before joining the bank, Kurer worked at Baker & McKenzie and Swiss firm Homburger.